Power Ultrasonic Technologies and Equipment

Ultrasonic Technologies and Equipment


is an engineering company in the area of powerful to the ultrasound. Our company engaged in the development and implementation of projects in the field of ultrasound technology:

  • ultrasonic welding of polymers,
  • ultrasonic welding of metals and wires,
  • ultrasonic cleaning,
  • sonoscreen,
  • ultrasonic cutting.

LLC "PUTECH" is the official distributor in Ukraine the Swiss firm Telsonic Ultrasonics.
Main direction of our activity are the designing and development of technological acoustic systems on the basis of piezoelectric electromechanical converter and broad class of sonotrods based on the modern methods of frequency-modal control. LLC "PUTECH" is the official distributor in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus the German firm DriveSets.

Українською Русский Power Ultrasonic Technologies

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Ultrasonic cutting food

Equipment for welding of stranded copper wire. (Mobile Equipment)

Torsion ultrasonic welding system for TSP 8000 lamister packaging