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is an engineering company in the area of powerful to the ultrasound

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            Ultrasonic welding of metals


The ultrasonic welding allows to connect homogeneous and heterogeneous metals and alloys as a result of introduction of mechanical swaying energy to the area of welding. The ultrasonic welding of metals is conducted by the cored oscillating systems in the complement of which a resonance transformer and ultrasonic reflector-absorber enters with a welding tip. Details which weld must be squeezed by force, the size of which depends on a thickness and type of weld able details.

Metal Welding System M4000

Frequency    20 kHz
Power          1000 6500 W

Resonance unit consist of converter, booster and sonotrode

Examples of applications:


The official distributor in Ukraine the Swiss firm Telsonic Ulrasonics


VI International Industrial Forum 2007 passed in Kyiv from 27 to 30 November

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About "PUTECH" Production Technologies Theory of ultrasound  Contact Main (home)

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